in Bulck

🇧🇪 Fabien Vanden Bulck - 26 y/o

IT specialist, Web Henchman (or Lumberman) and Bacchus' enigmatic adulator
(probably a misunderstanding)

High Fens, Belgium


If you are here, it means you're definitely not over there, above neither (but maybe you were previously) and right now, you're asking yourself “Stop kidding, where am I?”. And obviously, I'm glad you ask because it means I have achieved to hold your attention for at least thirty seconds (more or less, be nice please) and it's a kind of victory (or almost).

Now you have been so far (so unlucky), I owe you some information about this website (which might be described as epic). In the case where you don't know it (or at least you pretend to not know it), an “about section” is not always a part of fun as much for the author as the casual readers. It's why this website might make smile and if it's the case, it's just wonderful (second small victory obtained by the way, take note of this). In this context, please know that I shall not be in any way liable for potential disappointments related to this page (no hard feelings). On these good words, I'm not going to make you wait more.

My name is Fabien, I'm 26 years old, I'm Belgian and I currently live in High Fens in Belgium (nothing new under the sun, I'm agree). I'm passionate about the Web, from consultation to my own personal contribution (including development) and about new technologies which emerge every day in our digital era, through my job (Bachelor Degree in Computer Sciences) and during my free time. I'm also interested in different technical means of communication (online or not). Very strong in nature, dynamic, sociable, smiling and open-minded are first personality traits which defined me at first sight. I have strong values and I like achieving my goals. In addition, I like trekking (in beautiful places, indeed), travelling (I lived in Montreal in Canada for one year) and discovering new things.

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